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Lynn F. wrote this on our book’s Facebook page. April 2, 2012 (contributor) - Hardcover
I got the book today and can't put it down I must have gone through it a hundred times. Marveling at all the pictures of the cats and owners I've known over the years. I'm thrilled to think my cats are a part of your fantastic book. Can't wait to show it off to family and friends. Thank you many times over Kim.  It's a dream of a book. The writing, pictures information is right on target. What a joy to see two pages of Karen W's day by day..Now we are waiting on Darby's first litter. I think you covered everything from A-Z. You should see people's eyes light up at just looking at the over. I can't wait to share it with my grandkids. They will freak out to see Grammies cats in a book. Fur Real :-)

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· the extensive list of resources and references

· the questions to ask a breeder

· the diagram and details of the Ragdoll beginning

· the two pages of photos showing the Ragdoll kittens from when they were born as they grew

· the health, diseases, vaccines, vet information or the tip on pilling bitter pills

· seeing so many pictures of different Ragdolls colors and patterns

· the kitten to adult color change

· list of toxins and dangers, what to have in my first aid and emergency kits

· as a tool for researching the breed, or as a guide to refer back to

· food, travel or bringing your new arrival home information

· Ragdoll and RagaMuffin differences

· info on toys, cat trees, grooming, bathing, litter, unwanted behavior

· an aging cat and saying goodbye, with grief resources

· the one chapter of my personal story of my two Ragdoll wannabes I found through a Ragdoll rescue, or my personal hints and info

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Gloie W. (contributor)  wrote this on our author Facebook page April 10, 2012  - Hardcover
I just received my copy of this book in the mail today and immediately looked through all the wonderful photos. I am proud to have so many of Benji & Katie and even a few of my dog Jamie. It was so much fun getting to "meet" so many of the Ragdolls I've met online in the groups. I promise to actually read the book but for now  just looking at the pictures was great fun. Excellent job

Cindy F. from the Ragdoll-Cat Yahoo Group March 24, 2012 (contributor) - Hardcover
I received the book today as well.  I totally agree with Constance - it is a beautiful book! Plus it's so nice to see everyone's babies that I've been reading about. Congratulations!

Sonja P. had this to say on Facebook March 21, 2012 (contributor) - Hardcover
Just received the book yesterday from Amazon. Love it! What an awesome job you did Kim. The hubby and teenager looked through it as well and commented on all the information and pictures. It is indeed a complete and thorough book. The pictures of Cody and Tucker look great in the book.

Karen W. (contributor) wrote this on my Facebook author page April 19, 2012 - Hardcover
We can't get over how fantastic the book is - we just have to keep looking at it! You have put so much hard work into it, thanks for putting our boys in it too!

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Mimi E. wrote this on my Facebook author page March 12, 2013 - Hardcover
I received this book as a Christmas gift. I have recently fallen in love with the ragdoll Grandkitty Paisley of Rosehill Rags stole my heart. He is a blue point mitted, beautiful and so loving. I am hoping to have my own ragdoll someday soon. I found that once I started reading this book I could hardly put it down. I know that it will be the backbone of my ragdoll reference books for a long time to come. It is an excellent reference with many wonderful pictures. Thank you to my daughter and family for the gift and to Paisley for getting me hooked.

Constance M. (contributor) comment is from the Ragdoll-Cat Yahoo Group March 24, 2012 and Amazon on March 25th. I received the book today! You did a wonderful job, great detail with a lot of heart. It was wonderful to see so many beautiful babies. Also to be reminded of my boys. I had forgotten some of those pics!! Now i might have to deal with their egos for being displayed in so many chapters!!! Job well done :] Constance

(from Amazon) 5.0 out of 5 stars  - Hardcover
Outstanding, March 25, 2012By Constance Nicodemus & Ezekiel - This is a thorough, beautiful accounting of a special breed, Ragdoll. All traits have been depicted of this amazing creature. If anyone has any questions about this breed look no further than this book. It is an A to Z informative guide. Touching on subjects of health, temperament, coloration, habits and assisting perspective owners of researched question that would certainly aid when one decides to visit a breeder. Finally, this can help anyone in their quest to educate themselves in all areas Ragdoll.. I am honored to be a contributor.

Ragdoll Cats are Precious!, July 19, 2014 By Linda– Hardcover
Reading the reviews of this book made me decide to purchase it. I'm the proud owner of a blue point Ragdoll named Laci. This book has so many interesting facts about this breed and beautiful pictures galore!! I'm excited to learn more and more about the friendly floppy Ragdoll cat. Their personalities are some of the sweetest around, they are lap cats but will also follow you around everywhere, and yes, they will flop over for you to pet their tummies. Did you know the average weight ranges from 14 - 20 pounds? If you own a Ragdoll, this book is for you to learn more about your precious furbaby! Meow!

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