From the Ragdoll beginning to “saying goodbye,”
learn about Ragdoll colors,
patterns, characteristics, health and breed standard. Includes tips for finding a breeder and questions to ask. If you’ve never heard of a Ragdoll, or already have one and would like to learn more about this wonderful breed of cat and its care — this book is for you.

Over 700 full color Ragdoll color and pattern photos, printed in a non-glare matte finish.

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Text Box: Chapter One- The Remarkable Ragdoll
Ragdoll-flop ▪ temperament ▪ personality ▪ size ▪ appearance ▪ breed standard
Chapter Two- Colors and Patterns
seal ▪ chocolate ▪ blue ▪ lilac/frost ▪ red/flame ▪ cream ▪ mink ▪  silver ▪ sepia ▪ cinnamon ▪ black ▪ white ▪ fawn ▪ smoke ▪ colorpoint ▪ bicolor ▪ van ▪ lynx ▪ tortie ▪ torbie ▪ self-color/ solid ▪ mismark ▪ color changes from young to adult ▪ registries
Chapter Three- Ragdoll or RagaMuffin, What’s the Difference?
comparing these two similar breeds
Chapter Four- The Mysterious Beginning	
Ann Baker and the foundation cats for the Ragdoll breed; Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks, Raggedy Ann Fugianna and Raggedy Ann Buckwheat ▪ other breeds like the Honey Bear, Cherubim, Baby Dolls, Doll Babies, Birman, Burmese, Balinese, Persian and RagaMuffin ▪ the light and dark side ▪ pointed and solids ▪ breed start ▪ introduction to the UK ▪ influential breeders in gaining recognition in the cat fancy ▪ registries today
Chapter Five- Finding and Choosing Your Ragdoll
list of questions to ask a breeder before you purchase your Ragdoll ▪ where to find your Ragdoll ▪ pricing ▪ contracts ▪ visiting a cattery ▪ cat shows ▪ two photo series showing the first few months of Ragdoll kitten growth
Chapter Six- Bringing Your Ragdoll Home
preparation for bringing your Ragdoll home ▪ what to have on hand ▪ introducing your new Ragdoll to your home and existing pets ▪ tips to ease the transition
Chapter Seven- My Furbabies
author’s personal story of finding her Ragdoll wannabe (non purebred) rescues, and her cat’s personalities ▪ things she did, and things she would do differently
Chapter Eight- Toys and Trees
what to look for in cat trees ▪ toys ▪ scratchers ▪ scratching post ▪ perches ▪ training your cat
Chapter Nine- Grooming and Cleaning
self grooming ▪ over grooming ▪ desensitizing ▪ teeth cleaning ▪ brushes ▪ combs ▪ bathing ▪ mats ▪ drying ▪ trimming and shaving ▪ preventing hairballs ▪ shedding ▪ nail care ▪ hair removal ▪ floor care and clean-up
Chapter Ten- Food
ingredients ▪ feeding raw food ▪ bowls ▪ water fountains ▪ food standards ▪ safety ▪ recalls
Chapter Eleven- Dangers and Emergencies
help lines ▪ poisons or toxic food, plants, yard, garage and household dangers ▪ evacuations ▪ emergency and first aid kit lists ▪ cat-proofing ▪ deterrents ▪ having your cat outside ▪ collar, leash, stroller and enclosures ▪ microchips ▪ what to do if your cat is lost
Chapter Twelve- Litter and Litter Boxes
types of litter ▪ litter boxes ▪ location and quantity of litter boxes ▪ cleaning boxes ▪ pregnant women and toxoplasmosis ▪ floor care after a mishap ▪ inappropriate elimination
Chapter Thirteen- No-No's— Deterring Unwanted Behavior
distraction ▪ deterrents ▪ discipline ▪ biting ▪ aggression ▪ scratching ▪ plant eating ▪ cats on kitchen counters ▪ territorial issues ▪ understanding your cats behavior ▪ felines not getting along ▪ behavioral issues ▪ spraying
Chapter Fourteen- Your Ragdoll and Travel
boarding ▪ pet sitters ▪ separation anxiety ▪ traveling with your cat ▪ pet friendly hotels
Chapter Fifteen- Feline Traits and Characteristics
the senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste along with that sixth sense cats seem to have ▪ why cats do what they do ▪ whiskers and tongues ▪ kneading ▪ purring ▪ scent marking ▪ mood clues ▪ righting reflex ▪ blood types ▪ why having a pet is good for you
Chapter Sixteen- Veterinarians and Vaccinations
vaccination guidelines ▪ form of vaccine: live, modified live, killed, recombinant, adjuvant and non-adjuvant ▪ what to look for in choosing a vet ▪ traditional and alternative medicine ▪ cat years ▪ visiting the vet ▪ vaccine associated or injection site sarcomas ▪ surgery
Chapter Seventeen- Feline Health, Illness and Diseases
dental ▪ temperature ▪ weight ▪ medication ▪ pilling ▪ allergies ▪ DNA and PCR testing ▪ vomiting ▪ hairballs ▪ diarrhea ▪ constipation ▪ cats anal glands ▪ parasites: fleas, ticks, worms ▪ infections and viruses ▪ asthma ▪ colds, cat flu and upper respiratory infection URI’s ▪ feline herpes FHV-1 ▪ viral rhinotracheitis FVR ▪ feline infectious peritonitis FIP ▪ feline enteric coronavirus FECV ▪ feline panleukopenia FPV ▪ feline immunodeficiency virus FIV ▪ feline leukemia virus FeLV ▪ urinary issues and feline lower urinary tract disease FLUTD ▪ stones and crystals ▪ diabetes ▪ pancreatitis ▪ liver disease ▪ hypertension/blood pressure ▪ thyroid disease ▪ hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCM ▪ polycystic kidney disease PKD ▪ kidney disease, chronic renal failure CRF and acute renal failure ARF ▪ cancer ▪ seizures ▪ arthritis ▪ old age
Chapter Eighteen- Saying Goodbye
hospice ▪ euthanasia ▪ grief ▪ in memory ▪ planning for your cats future if you are no longer able to care for it
Resources and References 
Glossary including abbreviations (hardback)
Index (hardback)
Note that all web addresses or links are in blue text so they are easy to spot.

Book sites the following sources: History  petlabel.htm recalled cat food and recalls

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